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Parent Volunteers Parent volunteers make a major contribution to the Charter School’s program. Some aspects of the program, such as field trips, would occur much less frequently if parents did not volunteer to drive or supervise students. It is not only that parents help in areas where budget constraints would otherwise limit the school’s ability to function. Volunteer hours are logged in the office, converted to a dollar amount, and used as in-kind support for grants and program funding.


Parents are expected to serve a minimum of 4 volunteer hours per month. This equates to 36 hours per year, or $ 360 in-kind funding which the school uses in fundraising for grants and program expenses. Our parents log about 1,800 volunteer service hours a year as reading buddies, trip chaperones, committee members, fundraisers and event organizers. The Charter School was founded in order to give parents the opportunity to become involved in their child’s education. Volunteering to help the school is a major contribution. 


Track your volunteer hours Here

Volunteer Categories

Help the Teachers
  • Classroom Aide

  • Playground Supervision

  • Healthy Snacks Program

  • Tutor

  • Mentor

  • Chaperones for Day Trips

  • Breakfast Service

Building and Grounds
  • Playground/Landscape

  • Maintenance projects

  • Housekeeping

  • Snow removal

  • Special Workdays

Travel and Field Trips

~ Van training/ Food Planning

~ Driving for schools trips

~ Supervision for school trips or travel


* Governing Council

* District Accountability Committee

* Fundraising Coordinator

* Recycling Coordinator

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