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Mission Statement

The mission of the Crestone Charter School is to provide a stimulating experiential program that nurtures each student’s sense of wonder and natural desire to learn, in a creatively structured atmosphere, emphasizing academic excellence and uniqueness of character. We strive to inspire healthy responsibility in relation to self, community, and environment, both locally and globally. The scope of the Crestone Charter School shall include, but not be limited to, the following objectives:

  • To offer an innovative educational program of academic excellence that integrates body, mind, emotions, and spirit;

  • To provide a learning environment that encourages self-esteem, and respects the experiences, talents, and uniqueness of every student;

  • To prepare each student to be a life-long learner through relevant education;

  • To prepare each student to find his/her place in the context of human history and to comprehend the challenges we all face in a world in transition;

  • To ensure mastery of basic skills in literacy, numeracy, and artistry that meet or exceed the state content standards;

  • To develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, collaborative skills, and a sense of community responsibility;

  • To use the natural environment as a classroom, foster appreciation for our ecosystem and the Earth as a whole;

  • To engage the united efforts of parents, teachers, students and community members in the educational process and school governance;

  • To participate in the nationwide effort to reform public education.

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