The Governing Council of CCS is a board comprised of parents and community volunteers whose role is to keep the vision and results of the school at the forefront and be guided by the school’s mission statement. The Council’s job is to:


  • Link with the CCS community to educate people about the policies and goals for students at our school.

  • Create policies which guide the Director in achieving our goals.

  • Monitor the progress of the school toward meeting its Ends Policies.


The Council’s job is to actively engage the Crestone/Baca/Moffat members of the CCS community in a dialogue regarding the Ends of the Charter School; to listen, to ask questions, and to encourage the community to participate. The Governing Council meets once per month.

Contact a Council member to attend a meeting, join a committee and get to know the school.

Governing Council Members 

Lisa Cole (Chair)

Michelle Davis

Deanna Wilfong

What are "Ends"?

The "Ends" refer to the end results of learning at CCS. They are the educational standards that drive programming, curriculum and development.