COVID-19 Updates

Opening the Crestone Charter School for On-Site Instruction and Various

Learning Scenarios During the Pandemic


October 15, 2020

Due to rising COVID cases in the county, CCS is switching to remote learning.

This is how remote learning will work:

We will keep the same cohort schedule which we have been working with since the beginning of the school year. This means that students will receive synchronous online lessons in the mornings on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday respectively. On the other days, when students used to work from home, there will be work to do like in the past. Friday, we will keep our tradition and students will meet with their teachers in a whole group live online meeting. In the upcoming week, we will not yet have afternoon lessons K-8. LINK mentorships that were conducted in person will also not start yet. 

Your teacher will share more details about the synchronous lessons for both hybrid and remote students. CCS GFLI students will continue their work with Cary Yang as usual.

Tomorrow, Friday, October 16th from 11am -1pm, we are hosting a drive-through pick-up event at the school. That is when you can pick up Chromebooks, chargers, or materials that your teacher might have prepared. Please look out for an email from your teacher to inform yourself if you need to pick up items for your child.

We will keep you apprised of the COVID updates relating to our school as they become available.

For now, to reduce exposure rates, we recommend that families keep their contacts with people outside their households to a minimum. Please, stay home if you are experiencing any COVID-19 major or minor symptoms and contact your primary care physician for care and testing. Also, email the office to inform us of any absences due to sickness and to report any symptoms that may be occurring.

We understand this switch can be really hard for the students and families. Thank you all for your support and flexibility now and going forward. Please reach out if there is anything we can help you with.

September 2020

Overview of Learning Options

We continue to plan for CCS to resume in-person learning. We will offer learning choices to best suit the different needs of our families. For all learning options students will receive Chromebooks and families will receive information and training how to support their children. 

  1. Our plan is to start a hybrid schedule of in-person learning 2 days per week, and remote learning 3 days per week beginning the week of August 31st. We believe this hybrid schedule will allow students and teachers the opportunity to build relationships and become familiar with the online platform. (See more information below.)

  2. Families who would like to take an active role in the education of their children have the opportunity to collaborate with the school in a CCS-Guided Family-Led Instruction Program. Families can choose to teach their children some or all content of the semester with the support of our new highly qualified coordinator. Families who wish to consider this option, please contact Director Marie-Louise Baker as soon as possible. 

  3. Finally, students with specific medical needs may enroll in a fully online remote learning model, which will be tailored to their situation. If you wish to choose this option, please contact Director Marie-Louise Baker as soon as possible.


At this point, the data we are receiving from the CDPHE is indicating that the possibility of a switch to a full remote learning schedule at some point this semester is very high. For the possibility that we have to switch between hybrid and all remote learning, we have created a system that allows us to flexibly switch between these two models in order to be as stable and consistent as possible with minimal disruption.

While we can’t predict what the fall will look like, we would like to maximize the opportunity we have to foster relationship development among teachers and students in-person, as well as give students the opportunity for the social and emotional education that is vital to their growth and development. As this is all new to us, we will constantly monitor how our systems work for our students, their academic and social emotional learning, as well as the staff and adjust the systems if needed. Your feedback is always welcome.



The following will provide you with an overview of the health precautions we are putting into place. The purpose of these precautions is to ensure the health and safety of students and staff by reducing the risk of virus transmission via air and contaminated surfaces. These precautions are especially important for the safety of the most vulnerable amongst us which include students, staff, and family members with underlying health conditions.

We are guided by the 3Ws to prevent the spread of the virus.

Wear a cloth covering over your nose and mouth in the school building and on school grounds.

Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact in the school building and on school grounds.

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.


General Safety Protocols

  • Families keep sick children at home

  • Health Screening for all adults and students before entering the building

  • Isolation of any sick student or adult

  • At this point, there will be no transportation of students in vans (hence no Monarch Program and School Trips).


Preventing transmission via the air:

  • All adults and all students wear face covers*. Basic masks that are fitted to the nose, cheeks and chin help block droplet transmission of COVID-19, this lessens the risk of mask wearers who don’t know they’re infected from passing the virus to someone else. Since children are often only mildly symptomatic or completely asymptomatic wearing a mask is another measure to decrease risk of transmission to another child or adult. Adapted from CDC. 

  • For more information read the UCSF article Still Confused about Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Masks Prevent Coronavirus.

  • Spatial distancing by splitting classes into smaller cohorts

  • Air quality: Teaching, eating, and recess will take place outdoors as much as humanly possible, in the classrooms windows will be open, and HEPA filters will be placed in each classroom.


Preventing transmission via surface contact:

  • Frequent handwashing

  • Sanitizing between cohorts

  • Sanitizing all objects touched between use of different students

  • No fabric objects

  • All students bring all their lunches, eating utensils, and water bottles.


*Daily, the school will provide washable clean face masks for students Primary through LINK 

(grades 2-12). Early Elementary students (K+1) will be provided face visors.

Students will have breaks from wearing their face covers during snack and lunchtime as well as during breaks to drink. Drink breaks take place several times a day. During these breaks, students will be held to meticulously observe distancing rules. If possible, these breaks will take place outside.


Hybrid Learning in Cohorts 



Students will attend school between the hours of 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM. Students in Cohorts M/W will attend school in-person on Monday & Wednesday, and learn from home Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students in Cohort T/Th will learn from home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and attend school in-person on Tuesday and Thursday. We are making our best effort to group siblings so that they can attend school on the same day.  Groupings for your student(s) will be communicated no later than Friday, August 28th.


Crestone Charter School

 Frequently Asked Questions re: COVID-19 Protocols 

Last updated 8/21/20


What are the pandemic precautions?

  • To enable distancing between persons at the school, the school offers a hybrid learning model. Class sizes will be split in half and students will be taught in cohorts on alternating days. (Find a more detailed cohort model info on website)

  • To prevent air transmission, everyone will practice maintaining 6 ft distance indoors at CCS. We will open windows and utilize HEPA filters in the classrooms.  There will be outdoor learning when possible and everyone will practice maintaining 6 ft distance. 

  • All individuals will use hand sanitizer upon entering the school.  Students will be taught good handwashing habits and practice this throughout the day.  

  • All individuals must wear a face covering (K1 students may wear face shields) while in school and on school grounds. At arrival, students will receive a face cover at their vehicle, and at the end of the day, students will return them at the curb. The school will wash these face covers according to guidelines. Students who cannot wear face coverings may choose to participate in the remote learning or CCS Guided Family Led Instruction Program. 

  • To prevent transmission via surfaces, stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures are in place and all school surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. 


What happens if my child is sick?

  • In order to keep others healthy, students should stay home when they are sick. 

  • If a child is sick at school, they will be sent home if they exhibit these major symptoms: fever 100 or higher, chills, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea. With minor symptoms including sore throat, running nose/congestion, muscle ache, headache, fatigue, the school will call the guardians and assess the individual case. (detailed COVID information coming soon to school website)

  • A sick student at school will be isolated (in a little tent, in Rainbow Hall) and parents will be called to immediately pick up the student. In these cases, it is important to find out if your child has COVID-19 or not. You can consult with Hazel Telehealth or your family physician. If a student is diagnosed with a contagious illness, the family must report it to the school as soon as possible. If there is a student (or staff) case of COVID-19, we will issue a school-wide notice (while maintaining confidentiality), assess the situation with Public Health regarding closing the school and switching to remote learning.


What will arrival look like?

  • Upon arrival, students will receive their face covers and proceed to these specific locations:  Early Elementary playground entrance, Primary and Intermediate front school entrance, Middle School music room entrance, LINK upper parking lot entrance. 

  • At their entrances, each student gets their temperature read while observing spatial distancing. Grown-ups will stay in their vehicles and when they see their child go into the school, they are good to go home.  Please do not leave until your child has gone through the temperature check. If a student walks to school and needs to return home due to fever, symptoms, etc., CCS will call home. 


What will the Cohorts during school be like?

  • Students will be separated into cohorts within each classroom M/W & T/Th, and remote learning on the other 2.5 days. The cohorts will not mingle with other cohorts, will stay within their cohort area, and will have lunch/recess outside, weather permitting, and while maintaining distance from other cohorts. Cohorts also have staggering recess times, teachers alternating classrooms instead of students, and healthy snacks given out by the teachers. (Find a more detailed cohort model info on website)


How does the following work?

  • Water Drinking Breaks and Snack

    • Students have frequent breaks to drink water and regular snack breaks. During these times, students will  maintain 6ft distance and take off their masks.

  • Recess and PE

    • Students will have regular daily recess and their scheduled PE lessons. Students will sanitize their hands before and after these activities, wear their face covers and maintain distance. These measures allow students to play with balls or other objects.

  • Lunch

    • Students will eat lunch in their cohorts while maintaining distance. Students will bring their own lunch and all bowls, cups, and utensils. The school will not be able to supply these any longer. Hot water will be available at each cohort. 

  • School Materials and Cubbies

    • Students will receive a Chromebook and a personal small box with their school supplies. In order to sanitize the cubbies no student objects can be kept in the cubbies overnight. 

  • Sharing objects

    • Objects cannot be shared between students. If sharing has to occur, teachers will sanitize the object before it is handed to the next student.


How will Pick-up go?

  • Pick-up is promptly at 3:30 pm. Maintaining 6ft apart, K1 students will be picked up at the K1 exterior playground. Primary students will wait at Clancy’s Rainbow Bench area, Intermediate students between flagpole and labyrinth, Middle School students by the music room, and LINK in the upper parking lot until they see their ride arrives.

  • Parents, do not mingle during pick up. Best to stay in your vehicles until your child arrives.

  • Students will be picked up no later than 3:45 pm. School personnel will call 911 if students are not picked up by 4 pm after all emergency contacts have been exhausted. 

  • Note, there is no AAI after school program this year.


Can I, as a parent, visit the school like normal?

  • School will be locked and walk-ins are not encouraged.  We will have an intercom at the front entrance to limit the amount of people entering the school building. 

  • We encourage communication via phone and email as best practice.  Please make appointments to meet in person with the Director, Counselor, Teachers, etc. 

  • If you need to be at the school, prior arrangements will need to be made with the office and face coverings, handwashing/hand sanitizer and spatial distancing will be practiced.

Additional COVID Information for Parents

At-home symptom screening at home for parents PDF

Medical Information from CO Dept. of Edu:  

State Overview: 

Impact of opening and closing decisions:

Critical Trends in Colorado

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